A new relationship

Warren Ingham Brown and a group at Fraser CathedralSince 2009 Lui Diocese has formed a new link with the Blackmore Vale Deanery, part of Salisbury Diocese in England.  Blackmore Vale is a rural area of Dorset in Southern England, comprising small towns, villages and farming communities, which means it has much in common with the Lui area.






Visits between Blackmore Vale Deanery and Lui Diocese

During August 2013 Carrie Lewis and Jeannie Stevens joined a group from Missouri and Lund to Lui.   Both taught English to groups of adults, and they also brought Blackmore Vale's sponsorship for 2 young men selected to undertake teacher training.

In June 2013 Bishop Stephen was one of 11 Sudanese Bishops invited to attend the 40th Anniversary celebrations of the link between the Diocese of Salisbury, UK and the Episcopal Church of Sudan.   Bishop Stephen stayed in Blackmore Vale and spent a further week visiting parishes and schools strengthening the relationshop with Lui Diocese.

In November 2012 Jeannie Stevens and Pauline Batstone returned to Lui to continue with pre-school leaders training.  They delivered over 300 badges as a gift from Mothers' Union in Blackmore Vale to Mothers' Union in Lui.

In April 2012 Pauline Batstone, Jeannie Stevens and Anne Powell spent 2 weeks in Lui.  Jeannie trained a group of Mothers' Union members to start a pre-school group based at Lui Cathedral.

A second group from Blackmore Vale visited between in November 2010.  Rev Shirley Smith, Jeannie Stevens and Anne Powell were part of a joint group with the Diocese of Missouri, USA and Diocese of Lund, Sweden.

Anne Powell and Warren Ingham-Barrow were the first from Blackmore Vale to visit Lui, joining a group from Missouri Diocese, USA in November 2009.  Anne and Warren were able to teach management and administration skills at a  conference for pastors and Mothers' Union members.  They also visited major sites and facilities in the Diocese so that they could inform church members in Blackmore Vale about Lui.