The Diocese runs for Lunjini Primary School in Lui (known as the Girls Academy but in fact co-educational).  Rev Alex has become Headteacher of Lunjini leading a staff of 7 teachers with further voluntary staff.  The Diocese has established further primary schools,in Archdeaconries.  Schools follow the new curriculum of the Government of Southern Sudan and have received some resources from the government to deliver the new curriculum.  Lunjini School has some buildings but not sufficient for all pupils, so children in the lower years have their classes outdoors under trees.  In village schools all teaching takes place under trees.  There is a shortage of classroom materials generally, specifically exercise books, writing materials and text books, however the community's enthusiasm for learning is tremendous and the Diocese is working hard to extend education to more children.  Rev Noel Night (pictured right) is Education Co-ordinator for the Diocese



Lunjini Pupils 1Classroom under construction at Lunjini